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Symbol of Friendship

Tulips are a symbol of friendship between Canada and the Netherlands and every year Dutch tulips bloom in Ottawa. Tulips are a Dutch pride. The Dutch flower industry is driven by solid knowledge and innovation. They also formed the inspiration for the first Canadian Tulip Festival.


Wavedeck Toronto

For centuries, Dutch creativity has inspired others. Dutch design is often described out-of-the-box and adhering to the 'less is more' principle. The Simcoe WaveDeck at Toronto’s water front is a whimsical timber boardwalk, inspired by the shorelines of Ontario’s Great Lakes.


Masters of Water

Dutch engineers have become masters of water management and land reclamation. Centuries of experience gained in managing waters means that the Dutch are actively exporting their expertise and capabilities to every corner of the world.

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April 22, 2014 Spring is the best time to celebrate the rock solid friendship between the Netherlands and Canada. Each May the city of Ottawa is coloured by the Canadian Tulip Festival as a sign of gratitude for hospitality that was extended to the Dutch Royal Family during the Second World War. And since 2011 the month of May has been declared Dutch Heritage Month in Ontario.

April 3, 2014 Canada and the Netherlands share a long history and the Working Holiday Program (WHP) is a great way to celebrate this friendship. Young Canadians may use this exchange program to work in the Netherlands without the need for a work permit!